heliconius by Massimo Demaio


An attempt to present a list of species, subspecies and “forms” with corresponding images. Navigate the species menu, open pages with subspecies and subpages with hybrids and forms.

Missing species/ssp are pale-orange.

Hybrids are denoted by pale-blue.

Where indicated, notation “H&H” refers to Holzinger and Holzinger’s book “Heliconius and related genera” (1994)

All images are from my collection. White colour of the images is balanced with the plastazote background. Names are based on my opinion (sometimes changing those coming along with a specimen), considering the reported collecting place as correct.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Images can be better viewed simply using browser zoom.

Only some species / pages are shown, others are under construction. Groups like melpomene and erato are not displayed due to the huge number of specimens.

be patient, it will be a long, long work !

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Contact:  Massimo Demaio at maxdemaio@heliconius.net or maxdemaio@gmail.com

Background image: fantasy of cydno cydnides x cydno weymeri hybrid hindwing